Introduction · Sickle cell


Welcome everyone to our Sicklekan blog page.

Firstly let me introduce myself and why we are here.

My name Is Kehinde (Kenny) Salami Im 36 and a sickle cell patient, father, creative writer, youth worker, mentor and general joker.

I am just one member of  Sicklekan who aim to produce a platform for sickle cell patients to have a voice within the local and wider community.

One of the main issues around Sickle Cell Anaemia is empowering sickle cell patients to have a voice and hopefully we’ll get people talking one voice at a time by sharing our stories with you.

The various other members of our team will also introduce themselves in due time.

This site will consist of blog posts from members of the Sicklekan team, and we aim to keep it real and tell you just how it is about our daily fight with sickle cell including the highs and the lows about managing the condition.

Feel free to ask us any questions during our blogs, rants and advice sessions and also remember that we are all not trained medical healthcare professionals, we are just telling our sickle cell story one voice at a time..

With all that being said enjoy your stay and stay tuned for plenty of updates as we continue with our sickle cell stories. Be sure to share, re-tweet and engage in the conversation, lets all do our part to raise awareness for Sickle cell


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just started following this blog and I really commend you on the posts I’ve seen so far! I’m a sickler myself and it’s nice to read about things I’ve been through and can relate to

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